Welcome to James 1:27 Ministries of Cornerstone Bible Church, a nondenominational Christian church located in Orange County, California. James 1:27 Ministries exists to help Cornerstone become a body of believers that loves, serves, cares for, and welcomes orphans and children in crisis, as a reflection of the love the Father has lavished on us. Our goal is to encourage and impassion the members of CBC to heed the biblical call to care for orphans and children in crisis by:

  • Increasing our understanding of the biblical call and increasing our awareness of local and global needs
  • Providing resources, information, and support so that each member of Cornerstone can individually get involved in various aspects of orphan care
  • Providing opportunities for members to corporately minister to children in crisis.
James 1:27 Ministries is devoted to informing, instructing, and assisting in the various ways that we can show the love and grace of God to orphans and children in crisis.

This site will explain the various ways in which each of us may help them--from adoption to fostering to mentoring and being a special advocate and more. There will be postings of opportunities, both specific (scheduled events) and general (ways you can offer your skills and abilities as situations arise). And because we wish for this to be an encouragement to all, both for those who would serve and those who would be served, we will have testimonials and interviews of those whose lives have been changed by these things.


Since the fall of man and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, there has been much distress in this world. Those most unfortunate, those most unable to care for themselves because of this have been the orphans, children without parents, without guardians. From the very beginning, God has had much to say about their welfare.  MORE...



While adoption is perhaps the ultimate way to serve and minister to the many orphans out there, it is not the only way one can serve. There are all sorts of opportunities to reach out in love - all with varying degrees of commitment and investment. Here, we have a series of pages on the many ways each Christian can get involved and “heed the call” of James 1:27. MORE...



Here at Cornerstone Bible Church, with God’s help, we sincerely desire to practice what we preach. There are a number of families at CBC who have adopted, who have fostered children temporarily, who have ministered to orphans in group homes and emancipated youth who have reached the age of majority.  MORE...



Additional resources, including books, multimedia, and other aspects of consideration, such as finance. MORE...