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Sunday Worship
Service Time: 9:30AM
Cornerstone Bible Church
112 E. Walnut Avenue
Fullerton CA 92832
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1/6/2002True Success in Ministry Pt. IV: Marks of a Good Minister of Jesus Christ1 Timothy 4:11-16James Shin
1/13/2002The Gift of EquippersSelected ScripturesJohn KimFlock
1/13/2002Do You Love Me?Selected ScripturesJohn Kim
1/20/2002Pursuing the Ultimate GoalPhilippians 3:12-16Rex MorishitaSunday Download
1/20/2002The Ultimate GoalPhilippians 3: 12-16Rex Morishita
1/27/2002The Superiority of Christ's TestimonyJohn 3:31-36James ShinSunday Download
1/27/2002The Word of God and Evangelism Presuppositional ApologeticsSelected PassagesJames ShinFlock Download
2/3/2002Living Water, True Worship & the Messiah - Part IJohn 4:1-18James ShinSunday Download
2/3/2002The Word of God & evangelism Presuppositional Apologetics 2Selected PassagesJames ShinFlock Download
2/10/2002Graced to SufferPhil. 1:11-30Mike RamirezFlock Download
2/10/2002ObedienceDeut. 4:1-24Mike RamirezSunday Download
2/17/2002The Art and Science of Hermeneutics - Session I (Flock)TopicalRex MorishitaSunday Download
2/17/2002The Glorious Fruits of JustificationRomans 5:1-11Rex MorishitaSunday Download
2/17/2002The Art and Science of Hermeneutics, Part IVariousRex MorishitaFlock Download
2/24/2002The Glorious Fruits of Justification, Part IIRomans 5:1-11Rex MorishitaSunday Download
3/3/2002Spring Retreat 2002 - PriorityTim Coyles Download
3/10/2002The Clear and Present Threat to the Church: MaterialismMatthew 6:19-24James ShinSunday Download
3/10/2002The Art and Science of Hermeneutics, Part IIVariousRex MorishitaFlock Download
3/17/2002Worship In Spirit and In TruthJohn 4:20-24James ShinSunday Download
3/24/2002The Death of Our Lord JesusMatthew 27:1-54James ShinSunday Download
3/31/2002Worthy is the LambRevelation 5:1-14James ShinSunday Download
4/7/2002Woman From Samaria, Part IIIJohn 4:25-43James ShinSunday Download
4/7/2002The Art and Science of Hermeneutics, Part IIISelected ScriptureRex MorishitaFlock Download
4/14/2002Healing of the Official's SonJohn 4:43-54James ShinSunday Download
4/21/2002Remembering the Essential Truths2 Peter 1:1-12Bob HanSunday Download
4/28/2002Genuine Love in the ChurchRomans 12:9-13Rex Morishitasunday Download
4/28/2002Biblical FellowshipVariousRex MorishitaFlock Download
5/5/2002Baptism: Its Importance, Meaning and SignificanceSelected ScripturesRex MorishitaSunday Download
5/5/2002The Holiness of FellowshipSelected ScriptureBob HanFlock Download
5/12/2002The Wife of Noble CharacterProverbs 31:1-31James ShinSunday Download
5/19/2002Jesus' Equality with God, Part IJohn 5: 1-30James ShinSunday Download
5/26/2002Jesus' Equality with God, Part IIJohn 5:31-47James ShinSunday Download
5/26/2002Love for One Another1 John 4:7-11Rex MorishitaFlock Download
6/2/2002Call to Evangelism and World MissionsMatthew 28: 16-20James ShinSunday Download
6/9/2002God's Grace in Our Suffering2 Corinthians 12: 7-10James ShinSunday Download
6/16/2002Five Marks of a Godly Man1 Timothy 6: 11-16James ShinSunday Download
6/23/2002Overview of 1 Peter1 Peter 1:1-9 and 5:12Rex MorishitaSunday Download
6/30/2002The Christian's True Identity1 Peter 1:1-2Rex MorishitaSunday Download
6/30/2002Series on CourtshipSelected ScriptureRex MorishitaFlock Download
7/7/2002The Sin of Irreverence2 Samuel 6:1-11Dan NahSunday Download
7/7/2002Understanding Unrighteous Anger and Its RootsPsalm 37:8; Proverbs 30:33Dan NahFlock Download
7/14/2002Feeding of the Five ThousandJohn 6:1-15James ShinSunday Download
7/21/2002Bread of Life, Part IJohn 6:16-29James ShinSunday Download
7/28/2002Bread of Life, Part IIJohn 6:16-29James ShinSunday Download
7/28/2002The Gift of Singleness1 Corinthians, Matthew 5 and Matthew 19James ShinFlock Download
8/4/2002Church DisciplineMatthew 18:15-20James ShinSunday Download
8/11/2002Five Points of Jesus ChristJohn 6:35-44James ShinSunday
8/18/2002Acceptable in Your SightPsalm 19:11-14Scott BashoorSunday Download
8/25/2002Five Truths about Genuine Saving FaithJohn 6:46-71James ShinSunday Download
8/30/2002Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed2 Timothy 3:16-17Dr. Larry Pettegrew, Th.D.Retreat Download
8/31/2002There is a Transition, Change... and Modification Going On!!ActsDr. Larry Pettegrew, Th.D.Retreat Download
8/31/2002The Presence of the FutureSelected ScriptureDr. Larry Pettegrew, Th.D.retreat Download
9/1/2002Authentic Spirituality, Part Two: Walking and FruitSelected ScriptureDr. Larry Pettegrew, Th.D.Retreat Download
9/1/2002Authentic Spirituality, Part One: The Filling of the SpiritSelected ScriptureDr. Larry Pettegrew, Th.D.Retreat Download
9/8/2002Paul's Testimony1 Timothy 1:1-17James ShinSunday Download
9/15/2002Christian Freedom and ResponsibilityRomans 14:1-15:13James ShinSunday Download
9/22/2002Christian Liberty and Freedom1 Corinthians 8:1-13James ShinSunday Download
9/22/2002The Husband's Role as a ShepherdVariousBob HanFlock Download
9/29/2002The Keys to Spiritual Growth, Part IRomans 12:1-2James ShinSunday Download
9/29/2002God Centered FamiliesSelected ScripturesJames ShinFlock Download
10/6/2002Biblical Parenting, Part ISelected ScripturesJames ShinFlock Download
10/6/2002The Keys to Spiritual Growth, Part IIRomans 12:1-2James ShinSunday Download
10/6/2002Introduction to HebrewsHebrewsBent ChristiansenMilestone Download
10/13/2002ForgivenessMatthew 18:22-35, 2 Corinthians 5:18-21, Ephesians 4:32Bob HanSunday Download
10/13/2002Biblical Parenting, Part IISelected ScripturesBob HanFlock Download
10/13/2002Introduction to Hebrews Part IIHebrewsBent ChristiansenMilestone Download
10/20/2002The Lord's Supper, Part I1 Corinthians 11:17-34James ShinSunday Download
10/27/2002Biblical Parenting, Part IIISelected ScripturesBob HanFlock Download
10/27/2002The Lord's Supper, Part II1 Corinthians 11: 17-34James ShinSunday Download
10/27/2002Hebrews, Part IIIHebrews 1:1-2Bent ChristiansenMilestone Download
11/2/2002If I Perish, I PerishEsther 4Pastor Alex MontoyaConference Download
11/2/2002The Anatomy of a Soul WinnerActs 8:26-40Pastor Alex MontoyaConference Download
11/2/2002Christ's Solution to the Dying WroldMatthew 9:35-38Pastor Alex MontoyaConference Download
11/3/2002Paul's Passion for the Gospel of Jesus ChristGalatians 1:1-10James ShinSunday Download
11/10/2002Prayer1 Timothy 2:1-8Bent ChristiansenFlock Download
11/10/2002The Fresh Fragrance of FellowshipPsalm 133Scott BashoorSunday Download
11/17/2002Hebrews, Part IVHebrews 1Bent ChristiansenMilestone Download
11/17/2002Engagement and Marriage at CornerstoneSelected ScripturesJames ShinFlock Download
11/17/2002Why Do Men Hate Christ?John 7:1-10James ShinSunday Download
11/24/2002Discerning God's TruthJohn 7:11-19James ShinSunday Download
12/1/2002Biblical View of SuicideSelected ScriptureJames ShinFlock Download
12/1/2002Spiritual Myopia: Jesus' Diagnosis of the PhariseesJohn 7:1-24James ShinSunday Download
12/1/2002Hebrews, Part VBent ChristiansenMilestone Download
12/8/2002Hebrews, Part VIBent ChristiansenMilestone Download
12/8/2002Jesus: The Promised MessiahJohn 7:14-36James ShinSunday Download
12/8/2002Cornerstone: What are We Doing?Selected ScriptureBob HanFlock Download
12/15/2002If Anyone is Thirsty, Let Him Come to Jesus ChristJohn 7:37-52James ShinSunday Download
12/22/2002As The Deer Pants for WaterPsalm 42:1 - 43:5James ShinFlock Download
12/22/2002Jesus: Up Close and PersonalMatthew 26: 36-46James ShinSunday Download
12/24/2002Christmas Eve ServiceSelected ScriptureJames ShinChristmas Eve Service Download
12/29/2002The Second Commission According to JohnJohn 21:15-19Bob HanSunday Download